I'm a full time physical therapist and just do this on the side because I love it. I'm not really trying to make money here, so if you are unhappy with your shoot for any reason I will give you a 100% refund.

Here's how the shoot normally goes down I bring my camera and you provide a pup and treats: A shoot typically takes about 60-70 minutes. I bring my portable studio setup with a black/white backdrop which we can use to grab a classic headshot just about anywhere inside your house - if you have a room with a lot of space that normally works great, but if not we can always make something work. We can also look for natural light spots that may be great as well. If you have a yard or nice outdoor street scenes we can also attempt to get some outdoor shots. Alternatively: if you want to forgo the studio shoot and get some outdoor photos and/or action pictures - we can do that as well and find a good time of day and park to meet at.

I can not guarantee a bunch of awesome pictures - some dogs are fantastic models without trying and I can easily get 20 awesome photos. Other dogs are scared of cameras/flashes, poor at sitting still, just can't face the camera, and I might only get 1-2 great pictures. I'm not going to leave until I get at least 1 that I think is worthy of going up on your wall though. Realistically I've found getting 3-4 good pictures for a wild animal I've never met is a good goal and about the average. I will do 2 or more dogs and even try cats, but just be aware this all cuts into the shooting time. Group pictures are fun to try, but hard to pull off unless your animals are particularly malleable.

The cost for the shoot itself is $150. This covers my time shooting + editing. Then I will give you a link where you can download all of the files in their full resolution for free. You can also order prints through this website as well. There is a small markup that goes to me, but not much because I want to keep the prints affordable. You can take the files and order cheap prints elsewhere too, that's why I give you the full res files. I've ordered 16x20 canvas prints from dirt cheap photo sites on the internet before, the quality can be variable, but it's definitely worth the risk. I'd rather have you get the big print of your dreams than be priced out of it.

If this all sounds good to you: Request a booking here!

- I live in Cambridge, MA  - if you live further than 30 minutes drive away I will have to assess a  travel fee to cover time/gas expenses. 

- If you want to work with me on another kind of project, that might take a longer time, or require travel, I'm happy to negotiate a rate and discuss how we might approach the project.

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